The Top Ten Consumer Complaints to the FTC

Protecting America's Consumers Since 1914

Protecting America's Consumers Since 1914

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the nation's economic watchdog with the "unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition." If you need information about consumer issues such as money and credit, debt collectors, automobiles sales, or hundreds of other topics of interest to consumers, check out their Consumer Information site. To report fraud, identity theft, or an unfair business practice, visit their Complaint Assistant. The FTC can bring civil enforcement actions to shut down fraud and recover money for consumers or the U.S. Treasury. It can also help prosecutors file criminal charges against those who intentionally violate the law. Part of its mission includes receiving and analyzing complaints from consumers so that we can better understand the threats we face.  

Each year, the FTC publishes its compilation of the top ten categories of complaints it receives from consumers. Identity theft topped the list for the fifteenth consecutive year. See the breakdown of the top ten types of complaints consumer reported to the FTC last year. 

In Georgia, there were 777.7 consumer complaints about fraud per 100,000 in population, second only to Florida with 1,007.3 complaints per 100,000. Since 2010, fraud complaints to the FTC have increased by 90%, to over 1.5 million, costing consumers $1.7 billion.

You can download the complete report here.

Top Ten Complaints to the FTC